The corporate values governing the Character Council of Western New York’s
development and activities include:

  • Striving in earnest for personal character development and enhancement;
  • Aspiring to be a genuine mentor of character excellence, while with humility, inspiring others;
  • Demonstrating honesty and integrity in personal and professional interactions;
  • Encouraging the passionate commitment to character excellence and to the mission of The Character Council;
  • Focusing on the worth of a person regardless of perceived differences;
  • Showing respect for fellow organizational members and community constituents;
  • Valuing the opportunity to work as an effective team to accomplish our worthy mission;
  • Recognizing the need for re-evaluation to enable continuous improvement within the organization and community;
  • Pursuing the likelihood of realizing our vision through quality effort and the quest for excellence;
  • Utilizing assets entrusted to the organization with frugality and high regard;
  • Fostering broad-based community ownership of our community’s character initiative;
  • Persevering through organizational and community-based challenges with deference and discretion;
  • Appreciating the valuable chance to give back to our community in a meaningful and lasting way; and
  • Acknowledging that individuals are at different stages of character development and graciously showing tolerance and patience for their journey toward character excellence.